The Sumbot comes with a new visual style. It is fully hand-drawn from the wrist of our artist (well actually it's me, this is my first blog entry, so yeah enjoy).
Remember the times of you sitting in class sketching something? It doesn't matter if it was a piece of art or just some silly scribbling. You gave in to the inner urge of getting something out of your mind and onto paper! It is as easy as grabbing a pen and letting yourself go.

Sam is not a high-end game, it is super simple. A creation of the mind, drawn on paper. So the overall apppearance comes with a unique set of graphics because no hand-drawn thing is identical to another.

OK, so what can we see? As mentioned in our earlier blog entry the goal is to catch the figures to get to the sum of (in this case) twenty-one. The equation on top helps your memory in this important endeavour. Watch out, you have only five spots to fill with figures to get to the sum! And by the way it will get harder, so don't worry.
Each of the figures from zero to nine not only possess different shapes but also different colours. This makes it easily distinguishable. But what you see is not all. Different levels will await you this time around.

Now wait, we didn't talk about our hero, did we? Who is he and where does he come from? And what does it all mean? More on that later...

Stay tuned.

Michael Tato (artist and creative dude)