The couch developers were featured on "Fokus Schweiz",

We feel honored, go check it out!

Fairy King is now available for iPhone and iPad in the App Store for free.

Darkness lingers over Fairy Town while the King is still collecting flowers. With the twelfth strike of the clock, the earth rumbles once again. A cloak falls over the town and the fairy folk are transformed into pumpkins, while their king is forever damned to seek his way back as a ghost. Help him to get his mortal body back by showing him the way to the Fairy Town.

The Halloween Edition offers season featured graphics and invites you to celebrate this dark holiday with the mighty Fairy King.

Update now your version for free and enjoy~

Fairy King made it into the Top Free New as well as the Top Arcade category of Google PlayStore. In addition we receive a constant rating of 5 stars~

Let`s celebrate this success with the official Fairy King Cocktail:

2 cl Vodka Red

2 cl Batida de Coco

1 cl Grenadine

Pineapple juice

Fill all ingredients into your cocktailshaker, fill it up with pineapple juice and add some ice cubes. Shake well, before filling it in your glass.

~ Enjoy

The Release Party was a blast, thanks everyone for your support~ And special thanks to the Fairy King, who paid us a visit :D

Fairy King for Android and Windows Phone 8 is now released, check it out!

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