Wollt ihr am Do, 17.03.16 an der Vernissage der Grafik16 teilnehmen und die couch developers persönlich kennen lernen?

Postet einen Screenshot eurer höchsten Highscore aus einem der Endlos-Level mit dem Hashtag #‎samthesumbot‬ auf Facebook oder Twitter‪! Die höchste veröffentlichte Score gewinnt! Der Wettbewerb läuft bis um Sonntag Mitternacht, dem 13.03.2016.

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It's been a bit more than a week now since our short trip to the Central European Games Conference in Vienna and we're still thrilled and full of new ideas.
The location of the conference, Vienna university, was absolutely stunning, as were the friendly atmosphere among participants and the amounts of caffeine consumed. We've met a great many fellow game developers and had the chance to present our games Sam the Sumbot as well as Fairy King to a broad audience.
Additionally we have been inspired by other devs' projects and talks. One practical result of the conference was our decision to go for a muliplayer game next time. We're already working on a prototype and hope you'll like the idea as much as we do!
Two of the couch developers are packing their bags and leaving for vienna to attend the Central European Games Conference. We are very excited and look forward to this experience.
After one year of hard work, we were able to release our new mathematical game Sam the Sumbot for Android and iOS.

The couch developers are very excited and thrilled to receive consistent positive feedback. The players dig the graphics and the balancing seemed to have worked out nicely. We are proud of Sam and can`t wait for the next Release.

We`d appreciate your feedback ! Don`t hesitate to contact me.

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Sam, the Sumbot - coming soon