Christmas time is a busy time. More busy than I expected (which in retrospective is kind of stupid thinking). With the Christmas Special of Fairy King there was just not enough time to work an our new project. So why am I writing if we can't publish an update on our progress?


What we can announce is the switch of the designer. Our marketing expert, who did the graphics until now, will go back to her field of expertise (guess what: Marketing) and also helps out in developing some nice code. Our designer, who was responsible for the design of Fairy King is joining the team and will deliver some awesome graphics, I'm sure of it.


So, why is this substitution a good thing? Bea, our marketing expert, did a great job in bringing our name into the world. She wasn't afraid of the big names in the media jungle and engaged the most read daily newspaper of Switzerland (and I think several hundreds of other newspapers^^). With success. We were featured on page 7 of the infamous 20 Minuten.

The most dreaded thing for a Gamedev: Feedback

The last few days we were engaged by people who saw us in the newspaper. The feedback they gave was amazing. Of course there are also some trolls who envy everyone who receives a little bit of attention, but who cares about them? It also boosted the download numbers and revenues. We are still far from getting rich, but we can afford at least some Kebab, which is nice.

What's in for me reading this devblog entry?

You have read until here. So what is point of this story? The message I want to bring to my fellow gamedevs is: Don't be afraid of the press. Go out, find a journalist and get an interview. Don't give up if they don't answer and keep going. Try, try, try! Eventually you find someone who is interested in your story.

To be continued...

I hope I can deliver some updates on the progress of Sam, the Sumbot in the next few weeks. Until then stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!